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Top Load SmartWash Washing Machine.

Price: EUR 499,00
Shipping: EUR 25.00
Stock: Short of Stock

Full Description:

Spend less time doing the laundry with the power and convenience of this 8kg Top Load WashSmart Washing Machine.

Key Features
  • Powered by SmartDrive, this washing machine is made up of just 3 main parts to run more efficiently and reduce potential problems.
  • SmartTouch Controls make accessing your preferred cycle (regular, heavy, delicate, wool, allergy, quick) easy.
  • With a range of features, such as Auto Water Level, Lint Disposal, Load Sensing, and more, the WashSmart machine is sure to suit whatever your needs may be.
  • At just 60cm by 60cm, the washing machine takes up a small amount of floor space while proving a large 8kg capacity.
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