In the current versions there is a simple droplet function to get the ratings of a given section.

Bakery and OneforAll Droplet

This droplet is used in this website in the bakery overview page.
It should work in an OneforAll overview too.

// Reviews
if(!isset($section_id)) return '<span style="color:#f00">Error: no section_id provided</span>';
if(!isset($item)) $item = 0;
require_once (WB_PATH.'/modules/reviews/reviews.class.php');
$r = new Reviews($section_id);
return $r->droplet($item);

Name the droplet "mystars" and call it in the Bakery product_loop template like:

<a href="[LINK]#reviews">]</a>

In this example the section id where bakery is installed was 7. Be sure to use the correct section_id in your own website.

You can see the result on this page